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Flute and piano sheet music

The Lonely Flute Suite

A suite of three works for flute and piano. These melodic pieces can be played separately or as the complete suite by a flautist with grade 6 (ABRSM) or above.

1. The Lonely Flute
Opening with unaccompanied flute this short piece ends dramatically with the initial theme played on the piano as a counter-melody to the flute part.

Duration:2.00 Listen to sample

2. For Lauren
For many years this piece only had the working title 'Lullaby'. It was not until the music was performed at my eldest daughter's christening that it received a 'proper' title. This mainly gentle, melodic work is perhaps a little loud in its centre section to be a true lullaby. As such it will always remind me of my thoughtful little girl who can also on occasions be just a little too loud.

Duration:3.30 Listen to sample

3. A Walk on Skye
Named after a rather unsuccessful walk my brother and I undertook on the aforementioned island. That day we got completely lost and were only saved by how far wrong it's possible to go before reaching the sea. This piece, hopefully, also allows the listener to lose themselves as the flute glides over a repeated 16 bar phrase on the piano.

Duration:3.50 Listen to sample

Reflect on the Day

A piece for two flutes and piano.