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Although not a professional musician I do have Grade VIII (ABRSM) on the trumpet and music has been a large part of my life from an early age.
My father had been a church organists for as long as I can remember and my mother taught piano and flute. I've spent many years singing in church choirs and have played in orchestras and wind bands including playing the trumpet at the Royal Albert Hall.
With this background I guess in my spare time I should be listening to Bach and Hayden or perhaps Parry and Howells, but for me my musical epiphany occurred during Christmas 1978 when I received a copy of the Genesis album "Seconds out". I can still remember to this day playing the record on my dad's Connoisseur turntable and being bowled over by "Supper's Ready" and "The Cinema Show". The intricate guitar parts, harmonies and just the pure scale of these pieces was something that I'd never experienced before. So although by the late '70s prog was officially dying and punk was in, for me it was the start of a musical journey that took me through bands like Yes, Camel and Caravan onto more folk orientated artists such as Eddi Reader, Fairport Convention and a single Pentangle record (still somewhere in my collection).

I started composing in 1996. Initially writing flute pieces for my brother to play and then later choral works for St. Mary's Church choir, Baldock. Over the years I have written music to suit different occasions including weddings and christenings. These pieces are written from the heart to celebrate, remember and cherish these events in our lives. I have always written what I would enjoy listening to and I hope you enjoy my music also.


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