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When I started researching my grandfather's service in 1995 I had no idea of what I was doing or how much work was involved. My first step was to ring up the British Museum to see if they held information on First World War servicemen. They didn't, but suggested I should contact the Public Record Office...

Over the years since that uncertain start I have written many letters and spoken to many people. It is difficult to make a comprehensive list of all those that have helped me but what is certain is that I wouldn't have got very far without the knowledge and help of others. I would therefore like to mention the following institutions and individuals.

  • The staff of the Imperial War Museum departments of Printed Books, Documents and Photograph Archive.
  • The staff of the Public Record Office.
  • The staff of Rawtenstall Library.
  • The staff of Winchester Library.
  • Kathy Fishwick of Rawtenstall Civic Society.
  • Ronald Clifton, Historical Information Officer, Western Front Association.