Extract from War Dairy

19th Bridage War Dairy Above is an extract from the war diary of the 19th Brigade, 27th Division showing disembarkation. It reads as follows:-

9AM 19-12-14 Winchester The Bde proceeded by March Route from Winchester to Southampton, arrived at Southampton Docks at 7.50 PM. Embarked as follows:- Head Qr Staff - SS Norian; 95th B RFA - SS City of Chester; 96th B RFA - SS City of Benaris; 131st B RFA - SS Norian; A Col - SS City of Dunkirk. Sailed at 11.30 PM arrived at Harve.

Noon 20-12-14 Harve Remained on board until dusk, disembarked & stopped in Hangars at quay side for night.

5AM 21-12-14 Harve Entrained at point I en route for St. OMER. drew first days supplies.

22-12-14 Remained in train, travelled during night. Route via ROUEN, arrived at St. OMER 7.30 AM.

7.30 AM. 22-12-14 St. OMER Detrained at St. OMER. Proceeded to RENESCURE by march route via ARQUE. arrived noon. Hd. Qr billetted at CHATEAU-de-PALMANT.