Alfred Allen's Service Record

Section from Alfred Allen's service record.

Alfred Allen enlisted for service with the Royal Field Artillery on 30th May 1892 at the age of 14. In August 1914 he was serving with the 96th battery in India. This was one of the regular artillery batteries brought back to England to form part of the 27th Division. On 23rd November the left half of the 96th battery was used to form the 132nd battery and as a consequence Alfred was posted to the 132nd battery, 1st brigade, two days later.

He then received a couple of promotions rising to the rank of Corporal on 5th January 1915 before being posted to the 11th battery (still within 1st brigade) on 30th April, 8 days after the start of the battle.

Something then appears to happen to Alfred as on 16th June 1915 he was transferred to a reserve brigade, but whether this was due to gas or a subsequent injury is difficult to ascertain.

Alfred Allen's Military History Sheet.

From Alfred's Military History Sheet it can be seen that he disembarked in France on 20th December 1914 even though his battery, the 132nd, as part of the 1st brigade is reported to have disembarked the following day.