Harry Bertram's Service Record

Section from Harry Bertram's service record.

Harry Bertram enlisted for service in the Army Service Corps on 29th April 1904 at the age of 18 but was transferred to the Royal Field Artillery a few days later. He served for just 4 years before joining the Army Reserve on 29th April 1908 and then left on 31st December 1909. On 15th October 1914 he rejoined the RFA and was posted to the 132nd battery, 1st brigade on 24th November.

Harry served in the 132nd battery during the Second Battle of Ypres until he was transferred to 5th reserve battery on the 27th April 1915. However, unlike Alfred Allen, the date that Harry was gassed can be assertained quite accurately since his Casualty Form has servived.

Harry Bertram's Casualty Form.

As can be seen, Harry was admitted to No. 13 Stationary hospital on 26th April sufferring from gas poisoning. This is an important piece of evidence and shall be returned to later.

Below is a transcript of the Military History Sheet for Harry Bertram. Like Alfred Allen's it shows him landing in France on 20th December 1914, the day before his battery is reported to have disembarked.

Harry Bertram's Military History Sheet.