October 1915

Before going off to war, Herbert Halliday lived in the Lancashire town of Rawtenstall. The local newspaper for the Rawtenstall area is the Rossendale Free Press. This is published once a week on a Saturday. Rawtenstall Library keep back issues on microfilm and the British Newspaper Library at Colindale, North London keep originals.

Rossendale Free Press
30th October 1915

During the war the newspaper published the names of local men killed and sometimes reported those that were wounded. I have found no report of Herbert being gassed in the paper. However, in the autumn of 1915 the newspaper sent out an appeal to the residents of the Rawtenstall Borough to send in the names of their next of kin serving in the armed forces. This was to refute claims that the borough had not sent its quota of men to the colours. Ten lists of names were produced and these were published in the paper over a number of weeks, the first appearing on the 16th October 1915. To the left is shown a transcript from the third list published on 30th October 1915.

As can be seen both Herbert and his brother Abraham appear in this list. The information given is of some use in that it proves they did not enlist together (Herbert enlisted at Accrington, Abraham enlisted at Burnley) and also shows that Herbert was still stationed in France at this time, as was the 27th division.