Silver War Badge

Below is shown a transcript from the Silver War Badge roll that contains Herbert Halliday's name. It is kept at the Public Record Office as WO329-2979 page 3958.

Silver War Badge Roll

The roll shows that on discharge Herbert held the rank of driver and lists his unit on discharge as 4a reserve brigade.

Probably the most difficult task in researching an ordinary soldier in the RFA is to determine his brigade or battery. Once this has been established the soldier's movements can be determined from his unit's movements. So where did 4a reserve brigade serve? Reserve brigades did not see active service. They were stationed in Britain and were used for training or receiving men back from active service. 4a reserve brigade was based in Woolwich and cannot therefore be the unit Herbert served with at Ypres or Salonika. It seems likely that Herbert was transferred to 4a reserve brigade when he was invalided out from active service.

The roll confirms his date of enlistment and discharge. The paragraph of the King's regulations used for discharge (Para 392(xvia) K.R.) and the Army Order used for the issue of the Silver War Badge (A.O. 29 of 1919) are listed under the "Cause of Discharge" heading (not shown on the transcript).