Victory and British War Medal

Below is shown a transcript from the Victory and British War medal roll that contains Herbert Halliday's name. It is kept at the Public Record Office as WO329-112 page 22895.

Victory & British Medal Roll

This could have been a very useful source if the theatres of war section had been filled in. However, Herbert's rank on 11/11/18 (armistice day) or on becoming non-effective is listed as gunner. In the future this may be useful when more is known of his service. At the beginning of the roll is a note stating that column 4 has been amended to list the individual's highest rank while serving in a theatre of war unless reverted for misconduct.

In the remarks section Herbert is listed as "discharged SMR 12-3-19" which means he was discharged surplus to military requirements. This is also noted on his discharge certificate.