Discharge Certificate

Below is a transcript of Herbert Halliday's discharge certificate. It is divided into four sections by horizontal lines each of which will be described in turn.

The first section shows that on discharge he held the rank of driver and was discharged from the RH & RFA (Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery).

The second section states that he was first posted to the RFA and had not previously served in a regiment (since this area has been crossed out and initialled by the officer signing the discharge certificate). It also states that he had no specialist military qualifications, had not yet received his medals and did not receive any wound stripes. Wound stripes were 2" vertical stripes worn on the left cuff. The number of stripes awarded being the number of times the soldier was wounded. The fact that Herbert did not receive any shows that he was not wounded at any time during his service and tends to indicate that the army did not count gassing as wounding. This section also states that he served overseas on active service and enlisted in Accrington on 12th August 1914.

The third section states his reason for discharge as "Surplus to military requirement. Having suffered impairment since entry into the service. Para 392 XVIA KR". This is referring to paragraph 392 of the King's regulations subsection XVIA. I cannot find subsection XVIA in the King's regulations which may have been a 1919 update and is not held by the Imperial War Museum.

His period of service is stated as four years, 213 days and he was discharged on 12th March 1919. The certificate was signed by the Colonel of records and issued at Woolwich.

The fourth section contains a description of Herbert.