27th Division General Notes

The following also served with the 27th Division :-

19th INFANTRY BRIGADE (2/R.W.F., 1/Sco. Rif., 1/Midd'x, 2A. & S.H., and 5./Sco. Rif.), under Br.-Gen. Hon. F. Gordon until 14/6/15, then under Br.-Gen. P. R. Robertson - was attached from 31/5/15 until 19/8/15 (transferred to 2nd Division).

OTHER UNITS :-- Cavalry :-- D. Sqdn., Derby.Yeo., from 26/3/16 until June, 1916 (transferred to 7th Mtd. Bde.).
Artillery :-- XV. Bde. R.F.A. (11, 52, 80 B'ties), from 5 Div., was attached from 7/1/15 until 9/2/15, when the Bde. returned to the 5th Div., leaving behind 11th Bty. (see note 19).
130 How. Bty., R.F.A. (from 3rd Div.), from 8/1/15 - 21/2/15.
61 How. Bty., R.F.A. (from 5th Div.), from 21/2/15-June, 1915 (transferred to Second Army, and then to Meerut Div. on 23/6/15).
2nd Mountain Bty., from 17/7/15 (from 12th Div.)-26/7/15 (transferred to II. Corps).
Bute Mtn. Bty. (IV. Highland Mtn. Bde.), from 22/7/18 (from 28th Div.)-8/9/18 (to XII. Corps) ; and from 23/9/18 (from XII. Corps)-25/9/18 (rejoined IV. Highland Mtn. Bde., with 14th Greek Div.).
Infantry :--9/A. & S.H., joined 81st Bde. on 23/2/15, and was transferred to 10th Bde., 4th Div., on 21/5/15.
7th Sanitary Section, formed at Bailleul on 8/1/15, and joined the division on 14/1/15.
27th Divnl. Motor Amb. Workshop, joined the division by 7/2/15; and on 7/12/15 was left behind in France, on the division moving to Salonika.

On 22/6/1918 the division completed its reorganization on a 9-battalion basis. The pioneer battalion remained a 4-company organization.
On 25 and 26/9/1918, owing to sickness, the infantry brigades were reorganized into battalions of 2 companies each.